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03/05/2023 01:38:58 PM

Polyvinyl chloride – or PVC – is a chemically resistant, rigid polymer, which, however, can be made more flexible by adding some plasticiser. Because of this, it can be used in a much wider variety of applications. In this article, you can read about our various PVC products, such as the clear, soft PVC strip, PVC hoses and edge protection profiles.

14/04/2023 01:28:51 PM

Owing to the modern rubber manufacturing technologies, there are rubber sheets available that are perfect for certain use cases due to their optimised qualities. In this article, you can read about for what purposes you can use the rubber sheets we have available in our online rubber store.

13/03/2023 03:53:06 PM

Due to its various advantageous properties, silicone is a widely used elastomer. Such characteristics are for example its elasticity or its resistance to extreme temperatures, chemicals, aging and weather. Read our article to learn about the various ways the silicone products we are selling can be utilised.

23/02/2023 02:40:29 PM

The various rubber strips can be used for a wide range of applications due to their advantageous physical properties. Read this article to learn which kind of rubber strip is the best for each purpose.

12/01/2023 02:47:50 PM

Work safety is an issue with great emphasis everywhere. At workplaces where people work with or around high voltage equipment, protection against electric shock is essential. Rubber mats made of a rubber mixture with a high electric resistance are perfect for this task.

In this article, you can read about the electrical safety rubber mats available in our webshop.

12/12/2022 03:06:39 PM

The arrival of winter requires special preparations, be it for work, production or everyday life. In this article, we write about rubber parts and other useful products that are essential in cold weather, and are all available in our online rubber store.

11/11/2022 03:13:41 PM

Due to their great physical properties, rubber parts are used in all fields of life, and transportation is not an exception. In this article, we look at which rubber products are essential in this area.

05/10/2022 10:16:04 AM

Sandblasting (or abrasive blasting) is a surface treating method, during which an abrasive particulate substance is blown – usually via a compressor – onto the target surface in order to clean it, to prepare it for the application of paint or other coating, or to smooth it. Contrary to its name, the abrasive material used is not necessarily sand, the particles can be made of steel or gentler substances, such as plastic, baking soda or glass beads.

14/09/2022 11:40:21 AM
Agricultural machines are not only prone to the abrasion of their moving parts due to various physical forces; but because of the aging of their rubber gaskets and rubber seals, dust particles and other contaminants may get into the appliance, fuel or oil might leak, or the rubber parts can suffer a reduction in their vibration dampening capacity. It is important to avoid these malfunctions by preventative maintenance, instead of repairing them after their appearance. With the regular maintenance of our agricultural machinery’s rubber parts, we can avoid the loss of working hours and profit, and the expenses of lengthy repairs.
18/08/2022 09:31:00 AM

The various types of natural and synthetic rubbers constitute the materials of indispensable components in numerous fields of technology. Rubber as a raw material could gain such popularity due to its several advantageous properties, like being a good insulator, waterproof and elastic.

But how did it become so widespread?